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Before you can become married in the United Kingdom, there are some formalities that must be observed by law. Each person wishing to be married have to give their own notice of intention to marry to the Superintendent Registrar or nominated deputy in the area where they reside for at least 7 whole days immediately prior to giving a notice of marriage. This notice will be displayed on the public notice board for 15 days, after which provided all documentation has been received and cleared, a certificate of marriage to proceed may be issued.

If you live in a different area to where the marriage is taking place, an application in the venues area will also need to be obtained before the registrar can perform the wedding. Fee is charged for each notice given. When giving notice of marriage, both partners need to give proof of identity such s a passport or other proof of address.

Over the years, the places where couples can marry has changed considerably to offer a huge choice of venues available.

The original traditional church wedding has diminished in popularity in part due to the strict restrictions applied by priests and vicars, and also the high costs being charged for the use of the church, heating, organist, choir, ringing of the church bells, making for a large chunk of the wedding budget. I have known for some weddings to be costing nearly £1000 for the church service alone.

Now there is a wide choice opened up to having a registry office wedding, or at an approved venue. When choosing a venue there are a few things to consider to enable you to have that special day to remember. What style of building do you want? Historic, modern, stately home, grounds for photographs, parking for guests, and the number of guests that can be accommodated, and of course what will it cost.

The lowest cost is usually at a registry office, which means that the registry team are not travelling and can perform more weddings during the day. The service can be made personal with you selecting readings and music to enter and leave the ceremony.

A typical registry office wedding will be in the region of £50 for a Monday to Thursday morning wedding, £90 for afternoons, a Friday £115, Saturday at £156 (these are typical for the Kirklees area and will vary from area to area).

Now there are many hundreds of venues which have been approved for the use of holding wedding ceremony. The cost for the Registrar to attend and perform the ceremony increases up to £330 for a Monday to Saturday and £400 for a Sunday.

There will also be a cost by the venue for the use of the ceremony room which can vary from a few hundred pounds to £1800 for one particular venue.

Your local registry office website gives advice on what can and cannot be included in civil ceremony service, and samples of readings.